In order to find your suitable table tennis racket, it is important to pay attention to the ball control, spin and speed.

The wood determines the base and is faster depending on the material and number of wood layers. The sponge thickness and the sponge hardness of the covering are also important factors that affect your game.

Depending on the game system, it makes sense to select a soft or hard covering.

The difference between the "ready -made rackers" and the individually compiled rackets is that you get an extra catapult effect again in the latter. Choose your desired wood and two coverings of your choice in our online store.

We recommend the "Belaging Montage" option - we stick the wood with your desired coverings - as well as the "Head area sealing" option.

The head area seal is used to ensure that the wood fibers also stay on the wood as soon as you want to replace your played coverings with new ones.

With these two options, your racket will be delivered to your home. Over 30 years of experience in table tennis and hundreds of customer feedback on the table tennis rackets help us to find the right table tennis racket for the different needs and goals.

We will be happy to provide you with individual material advice.

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